I'm pretty new to SharePoint calculated formulas and am struggling to convert an Excel formula I have to a SharePoint calculated column formula.

The Excel formula is =FLOOR(280-(J5-TODAY()),7)/7&" weeks "&MOD(280-(J5-TODAY()),7)&" days"

In my SharePoint calculated formula, 'J5' would be replaced by '[EDD]

Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Tom


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Please follow the steps:

1.Create a Date and time column named [EDD]

enter image description here

2.Create a Calculated column named [TEST123]

3.Use the below Formula:

=CONCATENATE(ROUNDDOWN((280-([EDD]-TODAY())+1)/7,0)," Weeks , ",MOD(280-([EDD]-TODAY()),7)," Days ")

enter image description here

enter image description here

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