I’m using SharePoint Online and want users to be able to search for documents in a document library. In order to determine what documents are of most relevance to a particular user, I want to create a SharePoint list where a user enters information about themselves eg job title, department (our Active directory information is out of date). Everyone will have read only permission on the whole document library. How can I use this list to determine the relevance of each document to what the user has said about themselves. If the user doesn’t enter anything about themselves, SharePoint online should use its default programming to determine relevance.

The document library already has fields by which the user can filter eg category (documents about volunteering, Government policy and branding) and publication date. What I’m describing is an extra step – a bit like a chatbot without having to pay for Microsoft Virtual Agent. A lawyer may find Government policy documents more relevant whereas a salesperson may find branding documents more relevant.

The search must only be on this document library rather than all of SharePoint.
Also, I don’t want my amendments to this site to affect any other SharePoint sites in use by our company. Therefore, I suspect the answer lies in site settings rather than the SharePoint admin center. I have written PowerApps and have a little bit of development knowledge. However users of this document library will not have written PowerApps and won't have developer knowledge.

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