I am unable to get this SIMPLE calculated field to work. Note that I am not a programmer and do not use codes a lot. So please help in details.

I have a SharePoint list where I want to get a simple calculated field based on 2 column selections (both have multiple choices).

I have a field with region/country choices and one with Roles.

So, if I select CANADA from my [REGION/COUNTRY] field, and then select CCC as a role in the column [Role] I want the result in that calculated field to be "1971".

So, you get that I have multiple possibilities to add in my formula Can you help on the recipe?

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You can use If function in such cases which has syntax like:

IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false)

So, for your condition, it will be like:

=IF(AND([REGION/COUNTRY] = "CANADA", [Role] = "CCC"), "1971", "")

Similarly, you can add multiple nested IF conditions like:

=IF(AND([REGION/COUNTRY] = "CANADA", [Role] = "CCC"), "1971", IF(AND([REGION/COUNTRY] = "CANADA", [Role] = "AAA"), "1900", ""))

This will result in "1900" if you select "CANADA" in [REGION/COUNTRY] & "AAA" in [Role] field.

Refer below documentations for more information, syntax & available function you can use in calculated columns:

  1. Calculated Field Formulas
  2. Examples of common formulas in lists


  1. Up to 7 IF functions can be nested as value_if_true and value_if_false arguments to construct more elaborate tests.

  2. Choice field with multiple selections allowed (checkboxes) is not supported to use in calculated column formula.


For example, you could use below formula in the calculated column.


Result: enter image description here

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