As is, the formula below works perfect for my project.

However, I would like to spice it up by having the results just display the Month and the Year of the "Next Test Date". Also, is there a way to avoid adding by days (example "+365" or "+182") and just add by months??

working with SharePoint Online if that helps.

I assume I need the following added but I dont know how to merge it to the current Formula.

=TEXT([Created],” (MMM YYYY)”)

Current working Formula:

=IF(OR(AND([Mil Status]="AGR",[Composite Score]>=90),AND([Mil Status]="DSG",[Composite Score]>=75)),[Previous Test Date]+365,(IF(OR(AND([Mil Status]="AGR",[Composite Score]>=75),AND([Mil Status]="AGR",[Composite Score]<=89)),[Previous Test Date]+182)))

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Try using this formula:

=IF(OR(AND([Mil Status]="AGR",[Composite Score]>=90),AND([Mil Status]="DSG",[Composite Score]>=75)),TEXT([Previous Test Date]+365, "MMM YYYY"),(IF(OR(AND([Mil Status]="AGR",[Composite Score]>=75),AND([Mil Status]="AGR",[Composite Score]<=89)),TEXT([Previous Test Date]+182, "MMM YYYY"))))

Also, you can add months & years in date as well.

Example: Adding 3 months to [Previous Test Date].

=DATE(YEAR([Previous Test Date]),MONTH([Previous Test Date])+3,DAY([Previous Test Date]))

Check below documentation for more information & syntax:

Calculated Field Formulas

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    You Sir! are an amazing person!! This works perfect, thank you so much. I will also play around with that other bit you added after I read up on the provided link. Commented Nov 18, 2021 at 6:41
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    Great, glad it worked for you Billy! Commented Nov 18, 2021 at 6:44
  • **Update on that formula.. Here is the revised Formula with the assistance of "Ganesh" =IF(OR(AND([Mil Status]="AGR",[Composite Score]>=90),AND([Mil Status]="DSG",[Composite Score]>=75)),TEXT([Previous Test Date]+365,"MMM YYYY"),(IF(AND([Mil Status]="AGR",[Composite Score]>=75),TEXT([Previous Test Date]+182,"MMM YYYY"),(IF(OR(AND([Mil Status]="AGR",[Composite Score]<=74),AND([Mil Status]="DSG",[Composite Score]<=74)),TEXT([Previous Test Date]+0,"MMM YYYY")))))) Commented Nov 18, 2021 at 11:48

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