We have document library having records more than 25000 items including many folders. Using CSOM/JSOM need to get all root folders from Document Library (having more than 5000 items) and its all ItemChildCount (items including inside any subfolders) like below. I am able to get when items less than 5000. For more than 5000 I have tried using ListItemCollectionPosition, however the item count is not correct. I am expecting output like below (green box) item count. Appreciate your help. enter image description here

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Same question:

$Folders = Get-PnPListItem -List $Listname -PageSize 100 -Fields FileLeafRef  | Where { $_.FileSystemObjectType -eq "Folder" }

when I have folder list over 5000 items I get:


get-pnplistitem, can it be set to not return folders recursively? can you do a top to just pull in the first 100 items found?


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