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Question 1: Is it even meant to be technically possible for [email protected] to sync the files from the "OurCompanySite" SharePoint site? Purely with their personal Microsoft account?

I'm sure I've seen this work in the past, but it was very inconsistent from all my experiments. It seemed to work like 15% of the time. And sometimes after it was working for a while it would stop.

To start with I'm simply trying to figure out whether this is even meant to be possible or not, i.e. a simply "yes" or "no" answer to this question. Because without this, trying to answer #2 has been very hard...

Question 2: If it can be done, what it the best procedure to get it working?

Question 3: If the answer is "No", why does Microsoft display the "Sync" button to begin with? Other buttons that they can't use are normally hidden.

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This scenario is not possible. The Guest user must be using an M365 Work or School account.

The documentation is available here.

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