With the General Availability of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition now announced, I'm curious if anyone has anyone had time to test it? I am mainly interested to know if the Modern Experience has been implemented for more list templates and in a more consistent manner across the product than was the case with SP2019?

Microsoft has not indicated anything about that on the "New and improved features" pages...


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While there has been some improvements, Site Templates/Site Scripts are not part of this release. They may be included in a future update depending on customer demand vs. engineering effort.

As for the SPFx webparts included, there have been some improvements there, as well. But don't expect an SPO-like experience as this code base (unlike 2019) was not forked from SPO.

  • Thanks for sharing those interesting insights, Trevor. Can you elaborate some more on the code base part? I was under the impression that each new server release would get progressively more cloud developed stuff. But I am slowly starting to realize that the server releases are more like small, very selected, crumbs dropping from the cloud table. :) (Of course I knew that all along, but it's unfortunately even less than I'd hoped.)
    – greycloud
    Nov 4, 2021 at 19:19

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