I am trying to search for two title fields in a SharePoint list using KQL and can't seem to get this to work. I can get it to work for a single Column, but I can't get it to search for a second column.

In this example it will search the title field, but it will not search the TestName field.

Title:({searchTerms}) OR Test_x0020_Name:({searchTerms}){896d37b8-2727-448f-b2eb-135abcdefgdc}
  • I have removed Title and replaced with Test_x0020_Name and it still will not search.
  • I have reindexed the list but this also did not help.
  • I also tried adding a new field with a cleaner name "TestName" and that also does not turn up any results.
  • Both of these fields are regular text fields

Is my syntax right for doing a search for one or the other search terms?

Any pointers on where to go for more information would also be appreciated, don't mind doing the research.

  • Did you create managed properties for your list columns & mapped with corresponding crawled properties? Nov 3, 2021 at 6:21

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If you are using list column, you need to map the related crawled property to built in managed property(or create a new managed property)in search schema:

enter image description here After mapping it to a valid built in managed property,wait for a while,or you could create a site column and add it to your library,fill in values, SharePoint will creat the managed property automatically. enter image description here

Simple test result: enter image description here Similar issue for your reference:


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