I have PnP Modern Search installed and so far have found that this is not enough. When I configure searches, I get results from all fields in the entire list and resulting in results from all columns.

This presents a problem when I search for a code of name "AS". This code is in the two fields I need, but it is also in many of the more descriptive text fields.

I want to only search the two fields where this code would be queried from and skip the longer text based description fields.

Do I need to look into Managed Result Sources to accomplish this? Not quite sure what direction to take to solve this problem.

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I found a solution on my own for this problem. By default it appears that the title field has both a crawled property and a managed property, but the other columns only have crawled properties.

I had to create new managed properties and map them to the crawled properties and then use the following code in my PnP Search Web Part to make it happen.

Title:({searchTerms}) OR TestDirectoryTestName:({searchTerms}) OR TestDirectorySynonyms:({searchTerms}){ABCDEFG-2D24-4EE7-ABCDE-98XYZ1236A6C}

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