I want to send a personalized email with additional infos to hundreds of employees. The informations are stored in a massive Excel file. My goal is to create a Flow which runs every morning, filters the list by the actual date and sends the email to the filtered employees. For every send email there should be a cell filled behind the employees name with the text 'success' (or whatever).

I know that looping through an Excel file is quiet time consuming so my idea was to store the data in a SELECT object and loop it from there. I managed to set up the flow to store the data inside the SELECT but how do I loop throught it AND transfer the success message to the Excel sheet?

My Flow so far:

enter image description here


I created an "Apply to each" loop for the SELECT action, which gives me every "line" with the corresponding entry: enter image description here

I'm still struggeling to access these entries (for example Select_Email ) with some syntax to pass the Email-adress to a mail connector.

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So I managed to access the data with dynamic expressions in a Apply to each loop with the SELECT as source: enter image description here

To access a specific field in the current item, I used




to get (in this case) the email address.

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