I use PnP in an SPFx web part. I'm wondering is it possible to know if its a Document Library or a List that's being access in getByTitle?

var colsToSelect = [


//const data: ITab[] = [];
let web = Web(this.props.webURL);
const items: any[] = await web.lists.getByTitle("ListOfLinks").items.select(...colsToSelect).get();
  • Hi Pete, what exactly is your requirement? What you want to do with the information whether its library or list? Oct 20 '21 at 8:23
  • Hi @GaneshSanap if it's a DL I want to select the FileRef column and then display the link to the file. If it's not I don;t want to select that column. Is there a way to select all the columns in the list / DL? Thanks for the help. P Oct 20 '21 at 8:29

You cannot get the type of list while using lists.getByTitle("<name>").items endpoint.

You can identify the type of list based on it's BaseTemplate like below:

let colsToSelect: string[] = [];

const r = await sp.web.lists

if (r.BaseTemplate === 101) {
  console.log("It's a document library");
} else {
  console.log("It's a list");

You can find other BaseTemplate enum values at: ListTemplateType enumeration

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