We require specific metadata to accompany documents uploaded to a document library. To accomplish this we have a Power App with pull-down menus for various metadata entries.

Each document type has different metadata field entries. I.E. Some may have metadata for a specific field. Others may not. The Power App forces users to make a selection in each pull-down presented. Some selections display additional pull-down menus for more metadata.

All menus must have a selection before the user is presented with the upload file button. However, users may bypass all of this by going directly to the document library to upload a file. How may we prevent users from bypassing the Power App?



It is clear that you need to remove the default “Upload” button from the interface, which I have been asked to do in previous projects. Since you referenced PowerApps forms, I assume that your tenant is running on SharePoint Online and the site is using the Modern UX.

You need to code a List View Command Set extension using SPFx (see here and this is a broader resource for SPFx too) then deploy it from either your site collection’s app catalog or tenant’s app catalog.

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