I'm trying to call two users from microsoft.com domain using my organization teams account(opened on the desktop app), but I'm not able to contact them on a group call. Can anyone please help me understand what can be the possible issue & how I can resolve it?

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To schedule meetings with your employees, clients, External users and other guests, use Microsoft Teams.

  • In Microsoft Teams, in the left navigation, choose Meetings.
  • Choose Schedule a meeting.
  • In the New meeting box, enter a Title and Location for the meeting.
  • Enter a Start and End time and date.
  • In the Details box, enter a description of the meeting and any other details you want to add, such as a meeting agenda.
  • Under Invite people, enter the names of employees or clients that you want to invite.
  • If you see Tentative or Busy below any names, choose one of the Free times provided, or click Scheduling assistant for more options.
  • Choose Schedule a meeting.

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