I'm working on a SharePoint online environment and migrated classic sharepoint page to modern site using pnp powershell script. I have around 2000 site pages.

I have yammer feed in classic page which is not migrated during migration.

Is there any way to migrate yammer feed from classic page to modern page as conversation feed webpart and set Topic id, search source dynamically using pnp powershell

I am trying below pnp powershell script :

$jsonObj = '{​​​​​​"type":"Topic","showPublisher":true,"id":"Yammer_x0020_Topic_x0020_ID"}​​​​​​'

Add-PnPClientSideWebPart -Page "Test.aspx" -DefaultWebPartType YammerFullFeed -WebPartProperties $jsonObj -Section 1 -Column 1 -Order 1

Please click here to see Conversation webpart layout


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I have tried with this link and solve my problem


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