I want to be able to add video clips to my news post SharePoint Online. Is there was I can do this?

I can see there is YouTube web part but I want to be able to upload my own video and post it so users are able to watch the video when they are viewing the news article.

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Below are the options to add videos to your SharePoint modern pages:

  1. File viewer web part:

    Upload your video to SharePoint document library & select the video file in file viewer web part configuration settings.

  2. Microsoft Stream web part:

    Upload videos to Microsoft steam & show the single video or stream channel on pages using stream web part

  3. Embed web part:

    Upload your video to SharePoint document library OR Microsoft stream & show it on site page using embed web part (iframe code).

    Basic iframe example:

    <iframe width="600" height="600" src="https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/work/library/video.mp4"></iframe>
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    Thanks, Ganesh :)
    – hellothere
    Oct 1, 2021 at 12:00

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