I would like to toggle Global Navigation on, but I do not see the option on my intranet home site.

I am the Site Owner. I also checked with the Global Admin and he also cannot see the option, so I assume it is a bug. Has anyone else had this experience?

Screen shot of intranet home page, no Global Setting option visible

Here is a relevant Microsoft link on the topic of toggling on Global Navigation (left of the screen).

I am able to customize the top bar navigation, but it is the navigation on the left I am focusing on.


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You need to set up a home site in SharePoint Online to enable and customize the global navigation in SharePoint app bar.

Once you set up a home site, you can see the global navigation settings on home site like:

enter image description here

Follow below blogs for more information related to SharePoint app bar, home site & enabling/customizing global navigation in app bar:

  1. Set up a home site in SharePoint Online
  2. Enable and Customize Global navigation in SharePoint app bar.
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    Hi Ganesh, running the powershell script worked, thank you for your helpful answer. It was a curious case, as my home site is the OOTB home site that is provisioned when the SPO tenancy is set up.
    – Tally
    Commented Sep 27, 2021 at 9:03

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