I have created a few web parts in SPFx that I deploy to my tenant. If I make changes to the web parts and deploy them to my tenant the changes will show up on all sites.

I am wondering what happens when I increment the version number in package-solution.json?

I've noticed that when I do that I have to browse to each site on my tenant and add the updated solution.

So, I've been avoiding incrementing the version number!

Does anyone have a good explanation of how I should be doing things?


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When you change the version number of package & deploy in app catalog, you have to update the app you added from site contents on each site.

See, similar thread: Can I bulk upgrade deployed SPFx web parts?

My suggestion is to use Tenant-scoped solution deployment if you want to add the web parts on multiple SharePoint sites.

Follow this Microsoft documentation for Tenant-scoped solution deployment: Tenant-scoped solution deployment for SharePoint Framework solutions

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