I have two images that are both located in my site assets folder and I want to show the two images based on when a source column returns "yes" or "no".

I have a wrapped around a nested if statement and the only results I'm getting is the first image, "yes.png". Even if the source column displays "no" the calculated column returns the "yes.png" image.


="<DIV> <IMG src='/SiteAssets/yes.png'"&IF([Source Column]= "Yes", "yes.png",IF([Calculated Column]= "No", "no.png"))&"'> </DIV>

And if I leave IMG src as just /SiteAssets then I only get these:

enter image description here

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Try using below formula:

="<div><img src='/sites/<site-name>/SiteAssets/" & IF([Source Column] = "Yes", "yes.png", "no.png") & "'></div>"

Microsoft documentations:

  1. Calculated Field Formulas
  2. Examples of common formulas in lists

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