I have a document library with the department as a column. Every day, each department upload a file and I want a consolidated email to check which department has not uploaded the file.

I have about 20 departments and manually checking them every day is taking huge time.

How to achieve this, any high-level steps?

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You can achieve this with power automate like:

  1. Use Scheduled flow
  2. Retrieve SharePoint document library items for the current day (maybe using Send HTTP request to SharePoint action & filter query)
  3. Check the department column in loop
  4. Send consolidated email as per your requirements using outlook/mail connector

This will require some complex logic for sure.

Instead of building power automate flow, try using SharePoint out of the box Alert me feature which sends daily report of changes in list/library once in a day at specified time.

enter image description here

Check more information at: Create an alert to get notified when a file or folder changes in SharePoint

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