When a List Item is created, I wish to automate the provisioning of a SharePoint Site and add pages with webparts to sections of the page (webparts pre-loaded onto tenant). Because Modern Sites do not allow templates (like classic sites) another method is needed. So considering 4 options as listed below - Please confirm if my understanding us correct or there are other methods available.

  1. PowerAutomate (REST API) - Can create sites but cannot create pages nor add webparts to pages

  2. PowerAutomate (Graph API) - Not sure of capability

  3. Site Designs - Cannot add pages

  4. PnP library - This can work if manually creating through PowerShell but how can I automate, is the option Logic Apps ?

Another overlay to the above options is to 'Clone / Copy' an existing site. I know this is possible with PnP but again I need to automate it without firing up PowerShell application.


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Through Azure Automation, we could run the powershell using PowerAutomate.

  1. Create Automation account in Azure with a Run Book to execute PowerShell script
  2. Use Power automate flow to call the Run Book

You could refer to this article for more: https://ashiqf.com/2020/05/26/execute-sharepoint-online-powershell-scripts-using-power-automate/


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