I have Excel & csv files in a private sharepoint and needed to load them in ssis.

So, I need to have a link that will download files.

As example here is the shape for an .xlsx file


if I click on share the link is :


I've tried :


Its works . But when the Excel file is updated the link in ssis doesn't work anymore.

I would have some think like this :


Thanks for your help

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To get a document link to any file, you can follow the below steps.

This path will never change and it is path to document...

  1. select any document
  2. click on I icon on property pane
  3. Scroll down to find the property called Path,
  4. Use the icon to copy the path

You will path like below


enter image description here

Hope this helps..


Per my knowledge, it is not currently supported to create a link which users can download files directly using this link without updating in SharePoint.

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