Looking to see if there is a way to modify the display name on an email sent via a flow?

Using the "Send an Email (V2)" function. In the "From (send as)" field I chose the double arrow option for "Advanced Mode" and it allows you to write an email in there without the auto suggest. I tried typing the email in the following format:

Custom Name <[email protected]>

However I get an error that it does not like this format. I want to be able to specify the "Custom Name" so that the recipient sees that instead of the default name that the [email protected] has.

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As per the Send an email (V2) action documentation,

From (Send as) is of type email & has description:

Email address to send mail from (requires "Send as" or "Send on behalf of" permission for that mailbox). For more info on granting permissions please refer https://docs.microsoft.com/office365/admin/manage/send-email-as-distribution-list

enter image description here

So, you cannot pass the custom name format (string) in From (Send as) field.


I agree with Ganesh Sanap.

According to my research, the Send an email (V2) action does not support set custom name format (string) in From (Send as) field.

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