I need to add a column validation to my list.

I have 4 columns.

  1. Status (Choice)
  2. Version
  3. OutCome (Choice)
  4. Effort

If I choose Status as 'Completed', The other fields should not be blank.

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Try using the validation formula like below in list validation settings (not column validation settings):

=IF([Status] = "Completed", IF(OR(ISBLANK([Version]), ISBLANK([OutCome]), ISBLANK([Effort])), false, true), true) 

You have to add this formula under List Validation settings.

Follow below steps:

  1. Go to SharePoint list
  2. Click on Settings icon and select List settings
  3. Select Validation settings
  4. Add formula & user message and click Save
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    Thank you ! It's worked with text field but not with choice field. Actually OutCome is a choice field which have 3 values like 'A','B' and 'C'. Sep 14, 2021 at 17:50

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