I would like to set up a system for deploying content into a SharePoint (O365) site using C# code. I would be reading text files in Markdown format and either converting them into HTML for publishing, or relying on the SharePoint Markdown component to do the rendering.

I am aware of the PnP library, as well as the Microsoft Graph library, and the REST API, and several other libraries and techniques that could presumably be used, but I have not been able to locate any specific tutorials or documentation for creating pages in SharePoint.

I will readily admit to not being very familiar with SharePoint generally, and specifically I am completely unfamiliar with SharePoint development, so pointers to basic guides on the foundations would also be helpful. Thanks!

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A very good handout for SharePoint can be found here.

To use SharePoint with C#, you can find very useful guide by MSFT here.

Create a page with PnP PowerShell can be done via this guide.

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