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Been Googling for hours and nothing seems similar.

In SharePoint, I'd like to copy a 'web part' which contains multiple 'Quick links' to multiple pages on the same site. The pages are already created, so I don't want to copy the entire first page into new pages.

I see the functionality to duplicate web parts on the same page, but how does one duplicate a web part (of multiple quick links) to multiple pages?

Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.

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This is not possible in SharePoint online using user interface (UI).

You cannot copy web part & it's configuration from one page to another page from SharePoint UI.

Not sure if it helps you, but there are few cmdlets in PnP PowerShell related to web parts, check below links:

  1. Get-PnPWebPartXml
  2. Get-PnPWebPart
  3. Add-PnPWebPartToWebPartPage

Up on the top bar click the plus + next to "New" then select "copy this page" allows you to make a complete copy, change the web link names and all the other links to it.

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