I am a bid confused about the data I have received after running the below Powershell script on SharePoint online:

Get-SPOSite | select url, template, owner

If you see the below image under the template, can you tell how I can recognize which one is SharePoint site collection, Teams and Planner? That would be great?

enter image description here

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TEAMCHANNEL#0 : Teams Private Channel Site

GROUP#0: Office 365 Group associated Team Site

EHS#1: Team Site – SharePoint Online configuration(A Team Site configured to allow organization members to edit, create new sites, and share with external users.)

SPSMSITE#0: Personalization Site(A site for delivering personalized views, data, and navigation from this site collection into My Site. It includes personalization specific Web Parts and navigation that is optimized for My Site sites.)

POINTPUBLISHINGHUB#0:PointPublishing Hub(A site template used to create a pointpublishing hub site.)

POINTPUBLISHINGTOPIC#0: PointPublishing Topic(A site template used to create a pointpublishing topic site.)

SRCHCEN#0 :Enterprise Search Center

STS#0: Team site (classic experience)

PWA#0:Project Web App Site

STS#3:Team site (no Office 365 group)

APPCATALOG#0: App Catalog Site

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