This is related to me previous question, How can I edit my MS Teams meeting recordings?: Previously, I would create a tab in MS Teams that was automatically populated by the content from a chosen Stream channel.

Visually, this would result in a page that was tiled by video icons, in much the same way that the Activity section of a Team's automatically created SharePoint page is. (Although the Activity section displays tiles for more than just recordings, as you can see.) enter image description here

Currently, the MS Teams meeting recordings are automatically saved in SharePoint -- is there a way to create a page in SharePoint that only displays the tiles from these meetings?

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You could try to store the saved content in a library,and then add this library to your page.

enter image description here


Create and use modern pages on a SharePoint site

Using web parts on SharePoint pages

  • Thanks, Elsie, but is there a way to have the files displayed as in my screenshot? Changing the view from text to tiles only produces an images of a screen, without the meta-data that appears in the bottom white part of the tiles in my screenshot. Sep 13, 2021 at 10:46

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