It's possible to use Sharepoint Groups when defining global audiences ? I have a collaboration site where I use Sharepoint Group(s) for giving permission.

I would like to show the link to the site only to those people. However, when I try to create the audience, I cannot find those Sharepoint Group. AD Groups are found, however.

Thanks Michele

  • Also in the picker I can find an item with the name of the site. However, when I add to the audiences, i get "Non-existent Membership group (1B1DF4CF-46C6-4229-9CCA-8EAD5BF56CED)" at the audience summary screen. – castigli Feb 20 '12 at 14:49

SharePoint groups can be used with Web Parts to target content, they cannot be used to define global audiences.

For a deeper understanding, take a look at following article




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