We have a document library containing 44 excel spreadsheets. Within each spreadsheet there is a "Employee Name" column.

Is it possible to update a value (ex. Change "Employee Name" column value from Joe to ED) in all excel spreadsheets without opening each spreadsheet and manually updating the value?



The short answer is NO.

We could not update the column in excel without manually open all excel spreadsheets.

  • Thanks you for response. I'm looking for a way to update content in a column in an excel spreadsheet in the document library. For example, I need to update a column in the "Sample" excel spreadsheet listed above. It looks like the quick edit only updates the form.
    – C1TonyB
    Sep 9 at 12:33
  • Sorry for misunderstanding your question, I have updated my reply.
    – Julie_MSFT
    Sep 10 at 1:15

se me ocurre si la información en el Excel está es formato tabla, por medio de un flujo de Power automate podrías cambiar esa información

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