I am getting this below error while exporting Power apps Canvas app. I know it's related to some permissions but I am the co-owner of this app. Do I miss anything on this?

Can anyone help me to solve this?


Could not find flow 'af63f417-0397-44ea-8244-0f7719475352'. The caller with object id '64e6b4c0-80b9-414d-b56c-5406e98ad97e' does not have permission for connection '2157a29e-a6d1-41f6-8a78-4c8ff09f24bb' under API 'shared_logicflows'.

  • Are you calling any power automate flow in your app? If yes, did you create that flow & all the connections are assigned with your user account? Aug 18 at 6:35
  • yes powerautomate is calling from powerapps , so the problem is i don't have access for that flow which is calling from powerapps? Aug 18 at 6:43
  • 1
    Yes exactly. Try exporting app with user account which has permissions on both app & flow. Aug 18 at 7:54

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