User profile synchronization service stuck on status 'starting' in our SharePoint 2013 farm. It causes many issues. One of those issues are: Secondary domain users are not getting workflow generated emails We tried to sync the service by running stsadm -o sync but it didn't work. Now, we want to re-provision the User Profile Synchronization service. If we do that, what are the challenges we might face? Will there be any complex issues? Need expert's opinions.

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If you do not have customization on user profile sync, re-provision is no harm. What UPS do is simply copying the user data from AD to SharePoint's user profile database. As you can see, rebuild the database and re-copying again is no harm.


In my opinion, there is no negative impact on the SharePoint farm.

And you could use below PowerShell to stop User Profile Synchronization service then restart it.

$Service = Get-SPServiceInstance | where {$_.TypeName -eq "User Profile Synchronization Service"}  

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