When a modern SharePoint news is being published we send a notification to a certain audience via Power Automate Flow. Easy via a trigger on the Site Pages library:

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We detect via the PromotedState=2 property that the news has been published (vs. just being edited) and send the notification.

Now the notification message shall look different when the page is being edited and re-published. This seems to be trickier than I initially thought.

I thought about using the FirstPublishedDate and Modified properties somehow but apparently the Modified date can change without the need to re-publish the page.

So the question is: given a SharePoint modern news page, how can I detect that this page has been published more than once - without going back into the item history or tracking changes of the PromotedState property myself? Some kind of LastPublishedDate would really be handy.

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It hit me that the major version of the news post could serve as publish count. Every time you publish the news a new major version is created as well. Drafts are stored as minor versions.

BUT there is one quirk with modern news: when you publish a news post from the page's three-dot-menu instead of the edit view the PromotedState is not set to 2!

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So you end up with a "published" page (in the classic SharePoint sense, with a major version) but not with a "published" news post (in the "modern news" sense). I could cuss for days on end.

So I ended up going back into the version history, counting all major versions that have PromotedState set to 2. This gives me the publish count while ignoring any initial games the author played with the "native" publish function of SharePoint.

Bonus quirk: you can "promote" a "SharePoint-published" page to a real published news post:

enter image description here

But this does not update PromotedState immediately. You rather have to put the page into edit mode and publish it again. Only then is the PromotedState set to 2.

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