In SharePoint Online, on a modern site, create a list with 2 values. For the first value, use no special characters. For the second value, include a semi-colon. ListOne ItemOne Item;Two

Create a second list. Add a lookup column: Get Information from: ListOne In this column: Title Allow multiple values: checked

In the second list, create a new item Title: Test Lookup:

The page will display: Error:Value does not fall within the expected range.

Is this a bug or undocumented feature? Are semi-colons allowed in Lookup columns?

This error is displayed in a modern list. If I switch to classic view. I can add the item and an error is not displayed.

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In Sharepoint, a semicolon is used as data in a checkbox-enabled Choice column which acts as a separator/delimiter between two values. Using SemiColon(;) in text causes data and search problems. Don't put semicolons in multi-choice (Checkbox) columns

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