I'm using the PnP Modern Search SPFX web parts to build a staff directory. The web part configuration accepts a KQL query and allows you to specify the query template. I have specified a query template to control the fields that the search is performed against, but when the user initially loads the page I just want it to load everything. However a default search of * seems to conflict with my query template.

So for example,if my query template is:

FirstName:"{searchTerms*}" OR LastName:"{searchTerms*}"

This will search anything entered against all of the first or last names just fine.

But if I put in * it becomes an invalid query:

FirstName:"**" OR LastName:"**"

Ideally I want to do something like:

IIf({searchTerms} == "*", {searchTerms}, FirstName:"{searchTerms*}" OR LastName:"{searchTerms*}")

but I can't seem to get this to work. Can you do an IIf like this in KQL? If so, is there something wrong with my syntax? Note that {searchTerms} refers to the search box on the page, which has a default value of * if nothing is entered.

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