Query is something like .../_api/web/Lists/GetByTitle('Documents')/items?$select=File,File/ServerRelativeUrl,OData__UIVersion,owshiddenversion,FileRef

This worked in a SP Root site: OData__UIVersion was the exact number of versions.

But in a subsite (the same SP), for a file with just one version, OData__UIVersion is 512...

Next, I discovered the other field: owshiddenversion; This one seems to really return the correct value: the number of versions of a file.

Does anybody know what's the official definition of these 2 fields ? Is it safe to rely on owshiddenversion to determine how many versions a file has ?

Thank you.

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According to https://docs.microsoft.com/openspecs/sharepoint_protocols/ms-listsws/65c0df83-47b8-4b0e-a195-2a6c22a4cfe8 , owshiddenversion is used for conflict detection, and according to https://learn.microsoft.com/da-dk/openspecs/sharepoint_protocols/ms-wssfo/20d052c8-4aa6-452d-bef4-2713578a74f2 , _UIVersion is the version number.


You can find the official documentation at: AllUserData Table UpdateListItems

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