In my flow people can choose also groups as approver. everything works as expected just the mail in the inbox of the approvers doesn´t change in approved o rejected after approval.

If the approver is a person it´s ok.

that's with a person as approver (if rejected):

enter image description here

That's if a group member approves (after approval):

enter image description here

If I click again to approve it states that approval is no longer active what's ok, but the status of the mail should change in approved or rejected.

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From this article Get started with approvals, It seems that you have to assign approvals to users instead of group. enter image description here

  • i don´t think that this is the reason. approvals are working with groups. the members of the group receive the approval email and it one of them approves it works. it´s just that the email itself istn´t updated like when individual approvers approves the item.
    – kurt
    Jul 22, 2021 at 10:24

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