I'm again trying my hands on some SPFx development on code downloaded from GitHub. As we are behind firewalls and they won't open anything I have to use a local CDN for all my manifest files and what not. Now some of the small devs i have done work fine but some of them i run into the CORS issue with the error below

enter image description here

Now one of the dev's that i played with i did get to works with the below code as i did get some great help from this community

enter image description here

However when i try to do this on this latest dev below I can't get it to work. Below is the full ts file and i just tried to enter the same code.

enter image description here

I'm a inhouse guy who got thrown into this because I like to tinker but I'm now in way over my head. If anyone has some time to help it would be great. The code that I started with for CORS is here

  • The actual problem is that the solution is not allowed to reach the files in the CDN folder (Due to the CORS issue). All permissions are set correctly and the below code works and the solution can access the files in the local CDN. sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/293065/…
    – Joel H
    Jul 15 at 3:39
  • Just wondering if anyone had any ideas??
    – Joel H
    Jul 18 at 22:08

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