I have two files, BTWaste.RN_SpecSheet.pdf and BTWasteCI.RN_SpecSheet.pdf, which are on same library, same folder and upload at the same time. I use "filename: btwaste" and "filename: btwaste*" to search.

I expect result are the same for both search. Why only one file on search result for "filename: btwaste" searching?

I remove dot on file name, BTWasteRN_SpecSheet.pdf and BTWasteCIRN_SpecSheet.pdf, result is still the same.

With asterisk search result

Without asterisk search result

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According to my research and testing, this is the correct search results

(*) as a wildcard, it means that as long as the file named with "btwaste" begins, it will be searched. Therefore, the BTWaste.RN_specsheet.pdf and BTWasteCI.RN_specsheet.pdf can be searched.

"BTWaste.RN_specsheet.pdf" is composed of "BTWaste", "RN_specsheet" and "pdf", while "BTWasteCI.RN_specsheet.pdf" is composed of "BTWasteCI", "RN_specsheet" and "pdf". Therefore, when you search for "btwaste", SharePoint will only display "BTWaste.RN_specsheet.pdf". In other words, “BTWasteCI” and “BTWaste” are considered two different keywords in SharePoint Online.

  • Understand "BTWaste.RN_specsheet.pdf" is composed of "BTWaste", "RN_specsheet" and "pdf". But, I remove dot from both file names and change to BTWasteRN_specsheet.pdf and BTWasteCIRN_specsheet.pdf, result is still the same. Jul 15, 2021 at 20:26

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