I'm trying to add a mailto link in a SharePoint document library.

I created a new Link to document, I gave it a name "something" and in the URL I put http://..../something.aspx. Since I can only use an address starting with http.

Then in the properties, the name is something.aspx and I changed the URL to mailto:[email protected].

When I do test the link, it works and it opens the email client.

However, when I go back to my library of documents and I click on the name, it only brings me to the blank page something.aspx.

It does not redirect to the URL. In comparison, if I put something like http://something/excelFile.xls it works and it opens excel.

I'm working on SharePoint server 2016.

  • Can you please clarify: is this a custom, calculated column you are putting the email address into? What is the name of the column that the email is being entered into? Jul 13, 2021 at 1:54

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[email protected] will not work in "Link to document" content type:

enter image description here

Please refer to:


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