When you add fields of type File Upload to a Microsoft Teams group owned Microsoft Form, a folder is created at:

Documents > Apps > Microsoft Forms > Your Form Name

That folder is where the uploaded files are saved.

I had a Microsoft Teams group owned Microsoft Form.

I copied the form, and then renamed the copy of the form.

The folder name of the copied form, however, located at Documents > Apps > Microsoft Forms, is still:

My Original Form Name 1  

So the folders in Documents > Apps > Microsoft Forms are currently:

My Original Form Name
My Original Form Name 1

Can those folders be renamed or will it break connections between the form and where the files are being saved (or anything else)?

To clarify, I want to rename both of the folders so the contents of Documents > Apps > Microsoft Forms is:

My Original Form Renamed
My New Form Name


Additionally, I've just realised the names of the sub folders within the form folders (that relate to a specific file upload field) do not change when you change the field name.

Or rather, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

So I have a weird looking bunch of folders - can those sub folders be renamed?

This is what I currently have:

Actual Field Name
Question 1
Another Field Name

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I had the same question but was unable to find an answer so I tested it out with my own form (which already had responses with attachments submitted).

RESULT - Yes! You can rename the folders. New form submissions continue to drop attachments into the correct, existing folders.

To ensure you rename the correct folders to match the correct questions:

  1. In the Form, click the "Responses" tab
  2. Navigate to the attachments question
  3. Click "More Details"
  4. Click "View in folder" (this will open a new tab to the source folder location)
  5. Rename the selected folder in Sharepoint to match your Form question

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