I am fairly new to SharePoint. When I create a new view, I am only able to create public or personal.

I would like to create a view that can have multiple people but not everyone. It would also work if I could just share my personal view.

  • Which version of SharePoint you are using? Are you using classic experience or modern experience? Jul 8 at 18:16
  • I believe I have access to both Jul 8 at 18:16

For classic experience:

There is one option to set the permissions on view called "Target Audience".

Check my full answer given at: Limiting permission on all items and views

Microsoft documentation: Target navigation, news, and files to specific audiences

Form modern experience:

Currently there is no way to use target Audience in SharePoint Modern List view.

However, you can try the workaround given in my answer at: limit a user to see specific view of a SharePoint list

  • Thank you! I am following from modern experience and I am lost on step 4. I do not have anything that says "edit webpart" I only have something that says "add webpart" Jul 8 at 18:31
  • Did you see the list web part added on classic experience page in editing mode? You need to select the web part & then you have option to edit the web part from 2 places. one is from top ribbon on page & 2nd at right most top corner of web part, there is small dropdown type icon --> clicking on it will show some options related to web part. Jul 8 at 18:37
  • I think I understand now! Thank you so much for your help! Jul 8 at 18:56
  • How do I make a group? The internet is saying to go to site settings, but I do not have any tab that says site settings @Ganesh Sanap Jul 8 at 19:22

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