I have created a tile view that has a few columns from a SharePoint list. I have everything formatted perfectly, except it randomly breaks apart lines in the middle of a word.

Say teacher it would be. Am I missing something?

Picture of how its breaking up text:

picture of how its breaking up text

Picture of JSON:

picture of JSON

Picture of revised JSON but now it doesnt display all the lines only the first line edited json


I think below CSS style applied to div element in your JSON is breaking the words in middle:

"white-space": "normal"


  1. Use view formatting to customize SharePoint
  2. Use column formatting to customize SharePoint
  • I tried removing that line and nothing seemed to change. is there some reason that nothing for "style" is effecting that one area?
    – Theresa
    Jul 8 at 18:13
  • Is this SharePoint default "Gallery" view? Did you write all JSON all by yourself or customized the auto-generated JSON in gallery view? Jul 8 at 18:17
  • customized the Auto Generated one from Sharepoint
    – Theresa
    Jul 8 at 18:40
  • so i tried restarting from scratch and this is what I get, but then it doesnt show all the lines for the comments in the multi line column - see the question above for updated screenshot
    – Theresa
    Jul 8 at 19:22
  • @Theresa Have you tried using these two CSS properties: word-break: break-word and overflow-y: visible ? Jul 9 at 16:25

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