I have a SharePoint Publishing site with document library views added , when the anonymous users are trying to do sorting or to move to next page using paging they are prompted for credentials.

Is there a way to get rid of this issue and make this Paging and sorting workable for the Anonymous users.

Tried Solutions :

  1. Enabling Server Side Rendering in Views (cannot use this as I need Client Side rendering)

  2. Disabling Limited-access user permission lockdown mode (Cannot use this as disabling this feature will allow anonymous users to access all the application pages)

Any suggestions on this is highly appreciated. Thank you

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You can enable or disable anonymous access for a web application. If you enable anonymous access for a web application, site administrators can then grant or deny anonymous access at the site collection, site, or item level. If anonymous access is disabled for a web application, no sites within that web application can be accessed by anonymous users.


Manage anonymous access for a web application in SharePoint Server

How to enable anonymous access in SharePoint 2016/2013

  • Anonymous access has been given and the users can access the site anonymously , the issue here is when we show the document library views to them with paging/sorting anonymous users are prompted for credentials . this is because the actions paging and sorting needs access to /_layouts/inplview.aspx. application page . which is restricted if we enable Limited-access user permission lockdown mode feature in the site . so i need help here to handle this.
    – Esaki
    Commented Jul 11, 2021 at 8:56

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