We need our users to have the following:-

  1. Office online. NO need to download desktop apps.

  2. SharePoint

  3. Exchange email accounts.

so what is the minimum subscription needed? will Office 365 E1 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/enterprise/compare-office-365-plans works for us?


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Office 365 E1 can meet your requirement.

If you want the lowest subscription, Microsoft 365 Business Basic is the lowest subscription that can meet your requirement.

Here's an article for you to know more about the difference between Microsoft Office 365 E1 and Microsoft 365 Business Basic.

Sum up, in a business of less than 300 users for the foreseeable future, the Microsoft 365 Business Basic is priced competitively and has a strong feature set for web content management. In a business of more than 300 users, the Microsoft 365 Business Basic is no longer an option for your organization. However the Microsoft Office 365 E1 still has a strong feature set in comparison to outside competitors at the same price point.

There is the same post on the Q&A Forum, I suggest you can follow the progress of the post.

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