I have the following scenario, but not sure How/IF i can implement it using Power Automate AND/OR SharePoint Syntex + SharePoint list:-

  1. We have a club registration cards which include VIP member and Regular member.

  2. the 2 cards types have different info and different layout.

  3. we want to scan the documents using scanner >> upload the scanned image to SharePoint document library >> then run a Power automate workflow which will check the image type (VIP card or Regular member card)

  4. then based on this to populate the following data into a SharePoint custom list:-

    • Content type (VIP or Regular)

    • First Name

    • Middle Name

    • Last Name

    • Registration number

    • Role (Only for VIP cards)

    • Member image

    • Expiry date

    • Issue date

    • Department (Only for VIP cards)

I heard that Power automate provides an OCR capabilities, so how i can benefit from it? on the other side there is SharePoint Syntex which allow us to use AI capabilities to extract data.. so not sure from where i need to start? and which approach i can follow? Power App OCR or SharePoint Syntex and how i should utilize the correct approach?

Here is a general sample of a card:- enter image description here


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