SPO has loads of built-in icons, I've already added a web-part to my modern page and utilised a number of O365 icons. I've been adding these one at a time to the web-part on my page and am pleased with the result (see picture).

What I'd like to do is make a sort of reference guide for me, as SharePoint Admin, to use. Perhaps I could configure a list, so I can filter on it, of all available built-in icons. Is this somehow possible?

I'd rather avoid making a page and having to manually add each icon individually, because it'd take too long and I couldn't filter on it.

Quick Link Web-part icons

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You can refer to below web site for icons:

Office UI Fabric Icons

You can see, search/filter all available icons on above web page like:

enter image description here

Also, you can copy friendly name/Unicode of icon by right clicking on it:

enter image description here

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