I have a SharePoint list with two date columns. I want to create calculated column which gives the number of days, hours and minutes between these two dates.

I have looked at all possible threads, but the DATEDIF function does not work.


No combination with DATEDIF works.

Below formula is ok but without Days because shows a strange value

=TEXT(B-A;"d hh:mm")

enter image description here

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With combination of MOD() and TEXT() functions we can accomplish this. Try the below formula by replacing the actual column names in your list

=(((INT(([End Time]-[Start Time])*1440)-MOD(INT(([End Time]-[Start Time])*1440),60))/60)-(MOD((INT(([End Time]-[Start Time])*1440)-MOD(INT(([End Time]-[Start Time])*1440),60))/60,24)))/24&" Days "&MOD((INT(([End Time]-[Start Time])*1440)-MOD(INT(([End Time]-[Start Time])*1440),60))/60,24)&" Hours "&(MOD(INT(([End Time]-[Start Time])*1440),60)+1)&" Minutes"

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