I'm trying to use the search rest api to get all site pages from a site page library with a content type of "site page" and not news links (repost page). "Content type" is a field in a site page library but filtering on it doesn't work in a rest call. This also doesn't work:

/_api/search/query?querytext='ContentType:Site%20Page AND IsDocument:True AND FileExtension:aspx AND PromotedState:2 Path:https://xxx.sharepoint.com/sites/xxx' 

Oddly though, if I enter ContentType:Site%20Page in the generic search box I get ONE result - it is a site page but there are hundreds more not returned. And ContentTypeID doesn't work either. I've tried various other configurations of the url ($filter, $select) and many different options in threads here, and also the managed property SPContentType, but none have worked.

I've also checked as many Msft documents as I can find but they are so poorly written and inconclusive, they haven't helped.

By the way, in the highlighted content web part, I can select SPContentType as a managed property and it filters on "Site Page" correctly....

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