Hope you can help me on this issue.

I created a calculated column with the following formula to auto calculate the "Fiscal Quarter" based on the value in the "Date Of Review" column in my list.

=IF([Date of Review]<"10/1/2021","",IF(AND([Date of Review]>="10/1/2021",[Date of Review]<="12/31/2021"),"FY22_Q1",IF(AND([Date of Review]>"12/31/2021",[Date of Review]<="3/31/2022"),"FY22_Q2",IF(AND([Date of Review]>"3/31/2022",[Date of Review]<="6/31/2022"),"FY22_Q3","FY22_Q4"))))

The "Date Of Review" column is formatted as "mm/dd/yyyy", but when I added a value that is greater than "10/1/2021", for example, "2/23/2022", the calculated column always shows blank.

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Please check Date of Review of Date and Time Format with date only option and modify your formula to:

=IF([Date of Review]<Date(2021,10,01),"",
IF(AND([Date of Review]>=Date(2021,10,01),[Date of Review] 
IF(AND([Date of Review]>Date(2021,12,31),[Date of Review] 
IF(AND([Date of Review]>Date(2022,03,31),[Date of Review] 

Test result on my end: enter image description here

  • Thank you, Sir! I changed the date format and it eventually works.
    – T Zhang
    Commented Jun 22, 2021 at 7:00

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