How to get Audit log for permission change in SharePoint Online from Audit Center in the Admin page (https://compliance.microsoft.com/)? For example, we have a SharePoint site & the permissions for the users & SharePoint groups has been changed from contribute to read. we want to know who changed it. How to find this in the SharePoint Online log?

According to Microsoft documentation, it is deprecated. Any workaround this? or how can I find out who changed it in the logs?

check modified site permission:

Site administrator or owner (or system account) changes the permission level that is assigned to a group on a site. This activity is also logged if all permissions are removed from a group. NOTE: This operation has been deprecated in SharePoint Online. To find related events, you can search for other permission-related activities such as Added site collection admin, Added user or group to SharePoint group, Allowed user to create groups, Created group, and Deleted group.


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As the Microsoft documentation says, the "Modified site permissions" operation has been deprecated in SharePoint Online.

You can narrow the scope by checking which users and groups in the site collection have Full Control permission.

  • Although that the above is correct, we managed to get the report from the SharePoint Online using this link: https://YourSPSite/_layouts/15/CustomizeReport.aspx?ReportId=f43c916f-4450-4737-b889-8078c9826841&Category=Auditing
    – eSS92
    Commented Jul 29, 2021 at 7:14

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